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Sims 4 MAchinima

The things that hurt



Erica Lore Cards SIms 4 Machinima VO Series.jpg

knew we were friends, and we should remain so, but I have loved you for so long. But no matter what I did, you never got the hint. It is like you were in your own world. I always hoped that you would reciprocate the feeling, but then you met this girl, and everything changed.


I no longer get to spend time with you or see you because you thought she needed you more than me. She took all your focus and became the most important thing in your life, but what about me? You have known me longer, but you traded me for another person without a second thought.  

You got married, and you came to me about the fertility issue. I advise you to just get a divorce because you do not want to regret settling on your longings; you did not listen. But you continued to voice the issue to me, asking for my opinions.


So, I pretended I was not aware of it and acted as though I forgot that we spoke about it, giving you different advice to see which one would work, but none ever worked.  


So, I thought, If I had a kid, you would surely love to be around him and hopefully love me; Since I can give you what you want the most in the world.


But even though you treated Caleb like your son, you never looked at me, which was the thing that hurt the most. I never asked anything of you, and she wanted everything from you.


How could you not see she was just using you? I guess it does not matter thinking about it now since you are no longer around, but I cannot help but feel like if you did not meet her, then you would still be alive right now. 

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