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Sims 4 MAchinima

Taking Control



Jacob Sims 4 VO Series Unsound Mind.jpg

 love her... I do. I'm just terrified. I'm afraid of life without her. 

Growing up, my dad always told me the "Ladies love a man with a deep pocket." So that stayed with me throughout my life.


When I inherited my father's business, I felt like I was on top of the world. And when I met her, I felt complete. She was so gorgeous; she lit up the room wherever she was around. She made me feel something I've never felt in my life. I just knew she was the one for me.

 I had the opportunity of meeting her dad. He promised to get me a date with her, which was the start of something beautiful. 

I became obsessed with the luxurious lifestyle, obsessed with buying her the latest of everything. To keep the lifestyle going, I sold my father's stores one by one till they were nothing left. I decided to move to San Myshyno, invest in a coffee shop, and live a normal lifestyle.


But unfortunately, the coffee shop wasn't doing well, and we slowly ran out of money. I was terrified, afraid of losing her. So, I decided if she is afraid of me, then she couldn't leave me. So, I did what most would consider a scumbag move.

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