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Sims 4 Machinima Requires You To A Take Break Sometimes

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Often people get so involved in what they are doing they entirely disregard their mental health. We can experience emotional distress, lowered performance, and other adverse outcomes due to the regular, persistent demands of life and work stressing our physical and mental capacity (Packer, 2021). Do not forget to take breaks; it is perfect for your mental health and productivity. The rest will give you a chance to think, find relief and learn new things about yourself. As well as helping you learn new things about your craft.

Especially for us machinima directors and those trying to build a channel, it is imperative that we take breaks from time to time. It is going to take time, and we must never forget that. The whole problem with making content is that even when you are trying to be authentic or not care about the views and likes, there is always an underlying concern about whether the content will be well received.

I know the break for Unsound Mind was a sort of force on the team, but the three-month hiatus was helpful, it was torture, but it was well needed. It helped the team tremendously, giving us time to think about the series. Learned new things on how to set up scenes properly, what to pay attention to when filming, and honestly, it made the show better, instead of focusing on dropping content. The cruelest thing, though, was the waiting game for graphics cards. The amount of stuff we were learning but could not exercise was indeed inhuman.

"The beneficial effects of vacations have been well-documented and include reducing emotional exhaustion and burnout, decreasing absenteeism, increasing work engagement, and increasing health, well-being, life satisfaction, and quality of life" (Packer, 2021). On the psychological and social level, your mental state of mind represents a functional hindrance in everyday life. If not keep in check, it creates difficulties and frequent doubt, often leading to depression.


Packer, J. (2021). Taking a break: Exploring the restorative benefits of short breaks and vacations. Annals of Tourism Research Empirical Insights, 2(1)

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