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How To Star A Sims 4 Machinima Story

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Make maps of the story before you write. Have all the sequences listed, what happens in each scene, how many pages each stage should take.

Context doesn't always have to be given to the audience right away. Especially with your pilot, the pilot's point is to establish the main characters, their personality and set up the premise for the series.

You can choose to exclude some aspects of who a character is to reveal it at a later point in time. Do not spoon-feed the viewer every little detail about the character because that is INFORMATION DUMPING.

Your audience is savvy. They do not want you to spoon-feed them information. Let them have their ideas, allow them to put the different elements together.

Question to keep in mind when writing your characters.

  1. What is the lie that your main character believes?

  2. What's standing in your character's way externally and internally?

  3. What's at stake if your character succeeds or fails?

  4. What is your character's biggest fear?

  5. Why does your character want this specific Thing?

  6. What will achieving this goal means to your character?

  7. Is your character suffering from health or mental problems?

  8. What is your character burningly passionate about?

Avoid Plot Holes

  1. Unfinished Stoy Lines

  2. Lack of logic

  3. Unrealistic things

  4. Knowledge plot holes ( How a character know certain things that they couldn't possibly know

  5. Consistency and continuity Plot Hole.

One tip to avoid that is to share them with the Gallery. That way, if you change your computer and can't copy your hard drive, you have your sets and characters in the Gallery.

One fundamental way to spot plot Holes is to edit your scripts from your character's perspective. It will help you stay true to your characters and their objective.

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