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A great place for you to learn more about our characters and what's happening in the Mencere Universe. You can expect new and old stories from any of our sims 4 machinima shows or movies here spoiler free.


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Jacob Sims 4 VO Series Unsound Mind.jpg

 I'm not a scumbag; I just did what was necessary.

Lore Card:

Taking Control


She has my heart, but to her, I'm just the guy to call when she needs help.

Erica Lore Cards SIms 4 Machinima VO Series.jpg

It used to be me and you against the world, so what happened?

Lore Card:

The things that hurt


Please, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

Lore Card:

A Stranger At The Bar


I pray to be found

Lawyer In Distress

Lore Card:

Tabatha stuff.jpg

She is my greatest threat, everything I hate in this world.

That Pest

Lore Card:

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